Environment protection-related administrative tasks are unavoidable.

Our aim is to take off our clients’ burdens: our environment protection-related administrative services on a wide scale cover all areas occurring in authorisation, operation and data supply. As per request, we take off our clients’ burdens related to the monitoring of changes in the often amended legal regulations, observation of deadlines, interpretation of data sheets and completion of forms. Within the frame of our complex services, we undertake to perform all the above tasks.

Our administrative services on a wide scale cover all occurring areas.

Our complex administrative services related to environment protection in headwords:

Our basic activities:

  • Full implementation of status surveys and disclosures of facts related to environment protection
  • Preparation of remedial plan documentations
  • Performing the regular tasks of environment protection official
  • Occasional consulting in environment protection
  • Occasional tasks: preparation of declarations, authorisation documentations
  • Representation in official proceedings related to environment protection
  • Documentations and analyses related to air pollution protection:
  • Preparation of air pollution protection permit
  • LAL change report
  • Preparation of the authorisation documentation for air contaminating point source
  • Reporting air contaminating sources and the delimitation of air protection effective field
  • Preparation of yearly report on the extent of air pollution
  • Preparation of solvent balance
  • Determination of air loading fee

Documentations and analyses related to water protection, soil protection and wastewater treatment:

  • Arranging for water right authorisation procedures
  • Soil analyses: sampling and soil analytical tests
  • Determination of soil loading and water loading fees
  • Calculation of water stock annuities

Noise and vibration protection:

  • Permit request for noise emission limit
  • Carrying out noise tests and exposition to environment at workplace

Data supplies related to environment protection:

  • Air pollution protection data supply
  • Reporting the extent of air pollution
  • Report on underground waters
  • Data supply related to wastes
  • Basic registration related to environment protection
  • Reporting of monitoring data

Preparation of authorisation plan documentations:

  • Environment protection permits for implementation
  • Environment protection permits for operation
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Conduct of universal authorisation for the use of environment
  • Revision of environment protection
  • Compilation of waste management authorisation documentations
  • Compilation of site permit authorisation documentations
  • Compilation of metal trading authorisation documentations
  • Carrying out the permanent tasks of environment protection official
Waste management

Waste management

Transportation, trade, collection and utilisation of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes



Earthwork and demolition work, civil engineering works, building of traffic facilities



Full damage control project management from planning to implementation

Our main projects

Our main projects

The most important waste management, transportation and utilisation projects of the last years


Due to its huge in-house intrinsic knowledge and experience capacity, as well as extensive connection network, Green Collect Kft. can render complex, flexible and quick services in situations that emerge suddenly as well.